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The problem is that U.S. and European emission standards for diesel diverged sharply in 2008. The U.S. adopted much stricter rules (known as „Tier 2, Bin 5“) on emissions of virtually every component of diesel exhaust.

Europe, on the other hand, stayed with the so-called Euro 5 standards. Its emission limits only moved up to roughly the U.S. level this year.

But while other makers–including Toyota, Honda, General Motors, and Ford–began to introduce gasoline hybrid-electric vehicles to boost their fuel efficiency, VW chose to stick with diesels.

Also, keine Chance mehr für Diesel-Fahrzeuge demnächst, gut so.

„If U.S. car buyers were smarter and better informed,“ said a highly-placed Volkswagen powertrain executive to this reporter, „they’d buy our clean diesels instead of all this hybrid nonsense.“

Der Gute Diesel anstatt dem Hybrid-Nonsense, wobei ich Hybride tatsächlich auch als Nonsense sehe.

For years, the German industry essentially sneered at electrification of auto powertrains–until Tesla Motors proved with the 2012 Model S that electric drive could produce cars that were sexy, quiet, and stunningly fast.

Sieht also schlecht aus für VW und Audi:

But with no major research into hybrids or electric cars, the company had to go with what it had: diesels.

Und vielleicht ist es sowieso bald das Ende für den Diesel:

Und noch ne gute Kurz-Doku auf Deutsch:

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